Cartography and visualizationSusanna McMaster, Robert McMaster, and Ying Song all work on the cutting edge of cartography and visualization, ranging from work that identifies how to best represent complex spatiotemporal data to fundamental advances in generalization.

Global dataSteven MansonEric Shook, and Kathryn Grace collaborate with the Minnesota Population Center, Institute on the Environment, and Libraries to conduct research that integrates the social science of population and natural science of the environment in the global change research. See the Minnesota Population Center.

Health and population. Kathryn GraceSteven MansonEric Shook, Ying Song and Di Zhu work in topics around health and population, from coupled human-environment system dynamics in Mali and Ethiopia to using big data to map and predict the spread of disease.

Movement and space-time analytics. Ying Song examines how to best understand movement in space and time, in contexts ranging from human transportation to animal movement.  They collaborate with researchers with CTS, CURA, and Ecology.

Multifuncional agriculture (Archived). NSF-funded project on MFA.